About us

Founded in June 2007 Transport Joint Stock company Delta Petroleum (PCT) with the founding shareholders are Air Corporation (PV Gas), Total Petroleum Transport Corporation (PV Trans), business company PetroVietnam Southern Gas (PV Gas South).

PCT is a member of the Oil & Gas Transportation Company, has become a positive factor, a leader in the field of passenger transport vehicles using clean fuel LPG / CNG in the city. HCM.

The goal of the company is to develop means of transportation using clean fuels, to reduce pollution and save fuel costs contributed to improving the quality of life for the community environment, ensure that issues of national energy security.

In early 2008, the company has launched more than 200 taxis use LPG fuel PETROLEUM TAXI brand, operating in the city. To date, more than 1 year after the operation, TAXI taxi PETROLEUM-use cleaner fuels will not only bring a choice of safe taxi service and quality to customers, but also a practical demonstration environmental efficiency and fuel economy of the new.

In future, in addition to strengthening the quality of service, additional investment in new vehicles branded PETRO TAXI, PCT application also research new clean fuel CNG as with many advantages over Vietnam. At the same time the construction of the ship made the installation of the fuel switch to international standards to meet the needs of the fuel switching means all the territory of Vietnam.

On the other hand the advantage is a subsidiary of Oil & Gas Group, PCT stable supply of LPG for taxi and also own a professional team tankers, the new investment entirely with the modern car direct import from Korea to meet transportation needs increasing LPG customers.

Also PCT also other areas of business such as:

· Agent petroleum business.

· Sales of real estate, leasing office.

· Business restaurants and hotels.

· Business Domestic travel, International.

· Business parking lot, stop.

· Investment, production, power plant business.

· Transportation of passengers by bus.

· Transporting Sea.

· Buying and selling fertilizer.

· Commercial sales, leasing machinery - equipment - spare parts for transport.

· Trading in building materials

· Filling gas for cars.